Remembrance 2014

Money Collected by Branch for 2014 ???

Remembrance Sunday 09 2014

Sunday 9th               Remembrance Sunday Muster in club @ 10:00 to 10:30

                                  10:40 Prayers in club

                                  10:45 Parade to War Memorial on the Cliff

                                  10:55 Welcome and Prayer

                                  11:00 Exhortation, Last Post & Silence

                                  11:05 Reveille, Kohima, Names of fallen read out

                                  11:20 Wreath laying, followed by Lament, March back to club.

                                  12:30 Absent Friends, Auction, followed by Refreshments.

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We  Will Remember Them

350 years royal marines

We  Will Remember Them

Sainsbury's OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad

Sainsbury's Christmas 2014 - The making of our Christmas ad

Mousehole Branch  RBL


Remembrance Day, 11th November each year, is a day when we remember and thank all the men and women killed in military conflict - by purchasing artificial poppies from the Royal British Legion, a charity for war veterans. Remembrance Day was dedicated by King George V on 7th November 1919, for members of the armed services who were killed in World War 1. 

The red poppy became the emblem because poppies were growing all across the battlefields of Flanders in World War 1, red being an appropriate colour for blood spilt at war


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