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At Long Last: Tangible Tribute for Military Wives Available Now!

At Long Last!

They Also Serve!

We need to get a fresh perspective on the stereotypical idea the world has of the military spouse. As a group, these women are possibly the most under appreciated, unacknowledged wives in the world. Married to service men, they must constantly cope with separations, act as single parents and be ready to move across the country at a moment's notice.

"We deserve a medal!" From the U.S. to the U.K. military wives have long expressed their desire for recognition. Until now, there has not existed a high-quality medal specifically designed with military wives in mind. Sure, a few doo-dads, advertised as "normal medals without enamel" are out there.

Really - is a trinket appropriate to honor loving, supportive wives of men who protect and serve our country? No! These women bring their personal talents and experience to the military community. They serve as volunteers, advocates and mentors, while virtually raising children with little to no help from their husbands.

Military wives deserve more than a tacky non-enamel medal, but a cutting-edge work-of- art! Those-who-wait are entitled to claim - if not equal recognition as that of their spouses - a symbol that bespeaks of love and loyalty for their unwavering support of our service members.

Their husbands, past & present, on active duty are recognized for exceptional military service with medals and ribbons and commendations. But, where is the wife's ribbon for countless sacrifices and unrelenting stress? What about her medal for outstanding service to community and country?

Historically, military wives have stood in the background, cheering her man for his accomplishments. Isn't it time for these wives to stand in the foreground and hear applause directed toward them? Spouses don't wear be- ribboned uniforms; they are not honored with medals by the military.

Military marriages are measured by the number of years spouses have been separated more than years actually spent together as a family unit. One thing is absolute, the service man will leave. Children will face years without seeing their dad.

When their loved one is a million miles from home, nights are lonely. Many times, the wife does not even know where her husband is or what they are doing there. They constantly worry about safety, at the sacrifice of peace of mind.

Collectively, they share a fear of the doorbell. They are afraid it will ring at midnight or noon to bring horrific news of death or terrible injuries. This fear keeps military wives in a tangled state of gut-wrenching stress.

We need to get a fresh perspective! There were no beautiful medals for those-who-wait – until now! The most tangible way to recognize, honor and appreciate them is with the new military wives cross. It was designed by an ex-military man who wanted to let military wives know they are stars!

The lovely cross is hand-crafted with a rose symbolizing love and a star showing she is the "One". It is truly the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day. Or, just present the military wives cross to her on no occasion at all, to show your love!

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