Remembrance 2012

Remembrance 11-11-2012 Mousehole Cornwall

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This is an extract from Jamie Bryce’s blog, written before 11th November 2012.

Jamie was the bugler for Mousehole RBL before moving away from Cornwall.



The audit had to be delayed, but did take place in Mousehole RBL Club on Tuesday 2nd April 2013.

Annie Binding from County checked our paperwork and general administration, especially over Remembrancetide.  She was very happy with our way of doing things, which she deemed practical and within the Charity rules of the Poppy Appeal.  Our efforts to obtain mandates for Gift Aid claims were appreciated, as was the witnessing of any counting of donations and the same-day paying-in arrangements – ‘thank you’ to Charles Beeton and Don Kidd.  Annie is going to supply us with an “official” boundary map, but accepts that we have agreed boundaries with neighbouring RBL Branches.  She will pass on our thanks to Maureen Simmonds at HQ for her outstanding support whenever requested.  We did also discuss the perceived relationship between the RBL and the Poppy Appeal, which can confuse the public and members.

Plans for the summer include a “car boot sale” in June, and a table at the Lions’ event on the Penzance Promenade in August.

Thanks were expressed to Sandra Ursell, Charles Beeton and Don Kidd for all their support.

Graham Prodger – P A O for TAE 08 (Mousehole) – 07/04/2013


This Remembrancetide, our members and visitors "did us proud".  The House-to-House collections, which included Paul village, produced a remarkable £625, so special thanks to Michele Maiden, President Bob and Sue Harrison, Lynn Watson, Edwina Reynolds and Charles Beeton – not forgetting the generosity of our locals.

The "static points", which are where a box & poppies are left at St. Pol-de-Leon Church and local businesses, took £560 – again, thanks are due to the business people and their customers.

Out of a total of 14 wreaths laid at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday, 7 were sponsored by individual members – all of whom signed 'Gift Aid' mandates allowing the RBL to reclaim tax, which was much appreciated.  It was also interesting to see 12 personal crosses dedicated to former members of the Armed Forces.

On Remembrance Sunday, instead of the usual Raffle the Club President auctioned quite a few items and cajoled £350 from those enjoying the buffet provided by the Club – thank you, Len Maiden and the Club committee.  In October, Margaret Ponder – with support from Sandra Ursell and Eleanor Madron – organised a great Coffeee Morning which produced a splendid £150.  Thanks .

Before Christmas, the Club donated £500 which was very welcome and appreciated. 

All the above enabled us to bank £2,400 to date.  Thank you, Sandra Ursell and Charles Beeton, for all your support.  We await the audit in February with confidence!

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