Donald Kidd

Donald Kidd born Durham 1935 died on 25th April 2017 in 

Southport, Lancashire. 

don kidd

Donald Kidd (1935-2017)

(known as Don to his friends)

Don Kidd, who passed away suddenly on 25 April 2017, made many valuable contributions to the RBL in Mousehole.

When the Branch Committee began to operate as a separate entity he became Hon Secretary and encouraged strong commitment to the core duties such as Welfare work, increasing RBL membership, and Remembrance.

By attending National and County conferences , organising a visit to the National Arboretum, carrying out Legion in the Community events, setting up The Mousehole Youth Projects Fund, and in other ways he ensured that our Branch achieved recognition in the County and village.

Having been a Club secretary and Chairman he was an important source of advice and guidance when discussing matters of joint interest.

Finally, the achievement of which he was most proud involved creating a Remembrance alcove in the Club which included not only the Trewavas memorabilia, but also a remarkable archive of Mousehole RBL history with a book containing photographs and brief details of those from Mousehole who had served in the Armed Forces.This is much appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

The RBL has lost a genuinely outstanding member to whom we all owe a great debt of gratitude.

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